4 Strategies to Reduce Cheating on Quizzes
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4 Strategies to Reduce Cheating on Quizzes

Queezed Team

By Queezed Team

Published September 18, 2021

The following is a list of simple strategies to reduce cheating on quizzes. Use these strategies in conjunction with your classroom management plan, and you will be able to reduce cheating in your classroom.

1. Make Quizzes Several Times a Year

Quizzes should be given only once every couple of months, at least in the beginning. That way, students can review their past quizzes and get comfortable retaking the quiz. If the quizzes are given frequently, this may create a sense of anxiety or pressure among students.

2. Give Quizzes at Different Times

For birthdays, holidays, etc., take the class to lunch (or after school) to take the quiz. It’s more fun for students if they can make friends while taking the quiz; this also helps students become familiar with each other’s names and faces, making it easier for them to recognize cheaters when they retake the quiz later on.

3. Give Students Time to Prepare for Quizzes

Make sure that students have plenty of time to prepare for each quiz; don’t give them only 10 minutes beforehand, or they’ll feel rushed and may cheat during the exam itself. You can also allow students to do extra-credit assignments before taking the quiz so that they will have something else to focus on besides answering questions correctly.

4. Distribute Responses Correctly

Keep track of how many students answer each question correctly so that you will know who is cheating and who isn’t, so you can try harder next time not to let cheating slide again. It’s also helpful to include details about who is trying hard and who isn’t to identify cheaters easier later on. You can also post exam results at the end of each week so that students know what their scores were right away without having to wait until Friday morning for results to come out in the school newsletter.

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